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What is included in my weekend pass?
Four nights of social dancing
All workshops (based on your level of dance knowledge), including 2 specialty workshops – Zouk and role-switching
All-Star track (if you qualify)
Continental Breakfast from 9am – 11am Saturday and Sunday
Pizza party and cake social
Zouk room (Friday night) and Blues and Soul room (Saturday night)
Ability to enter all relevant contests
Free parking at the Hyatt
Not included – Jordan & Tatiana Musicality Intensive and Robert Royston Competition Intensive
What is the All-Star Track?
3 special workshops open only to those who qualify to dance in All-Star based on the WSDC points system. These workshops are offered at no extra cost.
Does Liberty offer open-role dancing?
Yes! You are allowed to dance in any role you please in the following divisions at Liberty:

Strictly Swing (All divisions)
Rising Star (Rising Star Tour rules)
Showcase & Classic (NASDE 2019 rules)
Jack & Jill contests
Pro-Am Jack & Jills

Our Switch Role J&J requires that you switch roles multiple times within the duration of each dance!

As always, you should enter the WSDC levelled J&J in the role you wish to attain points in, and remain in that role for the whole contest. If you have any questions, please contact us.

What is your video policy?
You are free to record anything you like. If posting online, please use #LibertySwing.
What charities does the dollar dance support?
In 2020 we are supporting Kenny’s Dream and TRANSmission. Learn more about these worthy causes here: Proceeds from the “A Better You” session on Sunday and the Sunday night class will also support these two charities.
Is there a dance on Sunday?
Yes! #AlwaysStaySunday. Our farewell dance starts at 7:30pm with a special guest teacher teaching a class for $5 per person, and runs until around 3am, sometimes later. The dance (but not the lesson) is included with your weekend pass.
Can I enter the Jack & Jill contest in two different roles?
Each competitor may enter only one skill level Jack & Jill competition (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, All-Star, Champions). You may enter Sophisticated or Masters and dance in a different role if you meet the age requirements to do so.
Can I dance in more than one Strictly Swing Divistion?
In the Strictly Swing Divisions you have many options to dance that include:

Dance in a skill level, and an age level division (stay in the same role or switch roles in different contests, up to you!)

Dance in your current WSDC skill level Strictly AND find a different partner next level up (or down) and dance with them (stay in the same role or switch roles in different contests , up to you!)

Dance in two different skill level strictlies, with different partners, AND an age level division (stay in the same role or switch roles in different contests, up to you!). Example: Novice, Intermediate and Sophisticated.

Liberty wants you to have the opportunity to dance and compete as much as you like! How does this work? John Lindo believes in the honor system, and we ask that you assign yourself FAIRLY when entering a skill division that isn’t matched with your current WSDC points. You do not need to submit a petition if you believe it is fair for you to dance in the division that is not your regular WSDC skill level.

Liberty’s rules state:
“It is the Organizer’s goal to encourage all competitors to assign themselves to a FAIR and APPROPRIATE classification using the honor system. If you do not feel comfortable dancing within these qualifications, please petition (see for details).”

NOTE: You cannot enter the SAME Strictly contest in both roles. i.e. dance with one partner as a leader and a different partner as a follower in Intermediate Strictly.

We are always here to help, so if you have any questions, please contact us.

Is there a Juniors Jack & Jill division?
Not presently. Anyone who is at least 14 years old on the final day of the event may compete in the regular levelled Jack & Jill or Strictly contests at their appropriate skill level. We do offer a Juniors routine division.
What are the pre-requirements for workshops?
We ask that you assess your skill level fairly, using the following as a guide. If you find material particularly challenging, but don’t want to leave the class, we suggest sitting on the side and observing the lesson, so as not to hold your fellow students back.

level 1: basic patterns, concepts & fundamentals
level 2: requires skills, technique & fluid basics
level 3: must have extensive knowledge, skills & abilities

How old do you have to be to enter the Sophisticated Division?
At least 35 years old on the last day of the event.
How old do you have to be to enter the Masters Division?
At least 50 years old on the last day of the event.
Can I petition to change my competitive WSDC J&J Division?
You can. Pickup a petition form from registration and return it there as quickly as possible. Then meet the Head Judge at the specified time and location Saturday morning for a petition review. Registration staff will provide review meeting details to you.
What is the Switch Role Jack & Jill?
A fun, open-level contest, with close to 100 entrants in the past. You must be able to both lead and follow to enter. During all dances, in prelims and finals you will be required to switch roles with your partner multiple times. Other than that, this contest will look like a regular J&J, with multiple partners in prelims, and one partner in finals.
How does competition check-in work?
Competitors must check in at the staging area 15 minutes before your contest begins, there are no competitor meetings. It is recommended that you be in the ballroom at the start of each block of competition in case the Head Judge makes any changes to the running order.
What time does competition registration end?
Please check the schedule, it differs for different contests.
Can you help me find a Strictly partner?
Post your request in the Liberty Swing Roomies, Rides and Strictlies group on Facebook to connect with other dancers.
I'm not staying at the Hyatt, can I still get WIFI in the ballroom/lobby?
Yes, we have arranged complimentary WIFI throughout the hotel for all attendees.
Can I buy a Liberty Swing shirt?
Shirts will be on sale all weekend in the vendor area by We recommend buying one as early in the weekend as possible to ensure you get the size you want!
What vendors will be available?
Shoe Vendor – Dance Connection
Massage Therapist – Abi Schneider
Massage Therapist – Lindsey Granger
Photographer – Matthew DiVia
Can I come for just one day?

Yes, we have day passes available on-site, they cannot be purchased ahead of time.
See pricing here.

Can I come to dance in the evening?
Friday & Saturday evening passes (after 7 pm) are $45 and are for social dancing only, no workshops are included.
Is there a spectator pass?
What a great way to expose more people to West Coast Swing! Spectator passes are available on-site for $25 (no dancing, no workshops). If your family or friends want to come see you dance/perform, they will need this pass to enter the ballroom.
I want to book a private lesson with one of the event staff, how do I contact them?
It is best to contact them directly, as we do not control their schedules over the weekend so cannot confirm their availability. You can message them on Facebook, check if they have a website and contact them via their site, or if these methods don’t work, you can email and he will put you in touch.
Can I watch the ballroom from my room?
You sure can! Liberty-TV will be on channel 75 in your guest room and online at
Is there a lost and found?
Lost and found items will be at the DJ booth through 6pm Sunday. After that, contact the hotel directly.


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