Competition Divisions

Divisions and Prizes

Liberty Swing offers over $25,000 in cash and prizes in 12 competition divisions. Be sure to check the Rules and Requirements, and submit your Entry Form to compete.

Classic Division – $4,000

Rising Star Division – $1,000

Champion Strictly Swing Division – $1,500

Formation Team Division – $500

Jack & Jill Divisions – Jackpot

Pro-Am J&J – Medals

Showcase Division – $4,000

Juniors Division – $1,000

Stricly Swing Divisions – $1,000

Champion J&J – $1,500

Pro-Am Spotlight Division – $500

Pro-Am Strictly Swing – Medals

“…John Lindo crafts an experience with the attendee in mind: the opening show, the constant supply of fresh fruit in the ballroom, the complimentary parking, the pizza and cake socials, the payouts, the care packages in the bathrooms — at every turn, I feel cared for and appreciated….thank you again to John Lindo for another incredible party at Liberty Swing. I meant it when I said that, to me, this is the best event ever.”

— Alec Grant on his Liberty Swing Dance Championships 2019 experience

Healthy Competition

It's about being your best you!